“Taking control of your dietary health can be confusing, frustrating, and exhausting. With the mass amounts of media available all claiming to melt fat away, or cure a disease, it’s no wonder our population is more obese and unhealthy than ever. I seek to eliminate the confusion, then educate and inspire you in your quest for health and healing.” ~ Kristin Arnett


Kristin Arnett B.S., CHHP, AADP

Kristin holds a Bachelors of Science in Nutrition and is a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner through the American Association for Drugless Practitioners.

Kristins Kitchen, LLC was established in 2003 and she launched her private practice in Holistic Nutrition in 2006, after working for several years in the food industry where her primary requests from clients were to make bad food look good. As a caterer, cooking instructor, test kitchen home economist, and a food stylist for major magazines, commercials, and advertising she became all too familiar with the food industry’s objective to make a profit at the expense of the populations health.

As she learned the truth about the quality of our food and the negative effects much of it has on our health, she felt that she was unable to continue to participate in the promotion of unhealthy food. And as she began to align her own life with her beliefs about nutrition, she felt pulled towards a genuine desire to create awareness, and to provide proper nutritional counseling, so that each individual can be empowered to make their own decision to pursue a healthy lifestyle.

Through the years she has seen food trends come and go and has found that many people are searching for real information and solutions that will have a lasting impact on their health. Fad diets aren’t sustainable. They are unrealistic attempts at finding a quick fix.

Kristin’s approach to health is based in the belief that, if given the opportunity, the body has a wonderful ability to heal itself. Working with you as partners in health, you can create that opportunity as Kristin helps you eliminate years of poor dietary habits, reverse disease, and arm you with the skills and knowledge needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle that fits your life. She is dedicated to supporting you on your journey of health and healing without judgment.



“ I want to help you be the best you, you can be—mind, body, and spirit. Live in joy, not fear…you deserve to be happy. We are all one. When you treat yourself better by nourishing your body and developing self-compassion, you will treat others better. Manifest the glory of who you are. Inspire goodness and bring light to the darkness.”



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